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So the good news is I got 2 good days of beading in this week, bad news is I haven’t blogged…. Not what I planned…. I did spend time learning how to upload pictures to a gallery, only to find that the pictures I took long ago have disappeared into some backup that I can’t recover…. I downloaded some of my pics from Facebook only to discover that they don’t upload to the website as anything useful.
It’s all a learning process.  Now I have to take all new pictures…. I will be taking them with my iPhone.   So it will be interesting to see if I’m happy with the result.   I recently upgraded from a 3Gs to a 4S in hopes that the camera would take pictures that are good for the internet.   I set up my mini photo shoot area on a table in the studio that had become a clutter spot.  For the time being I think it will stay set up.

My intention is to set up the gallery so that you can see my work and then write a post about each piece, how they came to be….


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