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Well I certainly don’t seem to get much blogging done do I.

Today I am giving a talk to the Coastal Bead Society.  Its is called “Designing with Components”.  I was inspired by the classes I took at the Southern Bead Retreat to create this talk.   I love the idea of designing with components, taking a piece of work that you have played with, perfected, and then using it to be a focal point in a piece of jewelry is cool.  Or possibly using the component with other components, exploring variations on the first component…..

I wanted to give the group a place to come click on links for the sources I used so I am going to list them here.   These are all great blogs, and articles to read about design in conjunction with beadwork.  There are many sites that have good information about design elements and design principles.   I will try to get a separate post about that done in a few days.. (I know, haven’t done that well with coming back in a timely manner….)


Marcia’website and blog

Link to Bead & Button Master Class (2nd one, not full)

Land of Odds Jewelry Design

Link to Diane Fitzgerald’s website and 6 Articles on design that she wrote for Bead and Button in 2009.


If I can figure out a way to condense the power point presentation into a word document I will post it on the blog, or possibly break it into parts.


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