I’m Back and in the Flow….

Well crossing off the last 3 months, and looking forward……

I have been fortunate to get my beading groove back!  I was able to attend the workshops at The Southern Bead Retreat at Calloway Gardens in October.  I spent 6 days beading with very talented beaders.    I was inspired by the beadwork on display each day.  The attendees showed up with lots of fabulous eye candy, which couldn’t do anything but make me want to go home and bead.

Today I am very grateful to my friends at Tybee Island that have dogs and cats that need babysitting!  I came home from the retreat with 3 finished projects and 3 still to be finished.  I had 5 days at home and I must admit that I barely got the laundry finished before I was packing again.. When I took up temporary residence at Tybee I took my beads and became single minded in my effort to finish the projects and I did!  Finishing the retreat projects allowed me to escape the dreaded energy drain of unfinished projects, and I am now plowing ahead on a project I started back in May.

I am currently working on a bead embroidered bag somewhat in the style of Sherry Serrifini.  I probably have about 3 fifths of it down now, and it is evolving quite nicely.   There is very little time spent wondering what to do next.   I identify a spot I want to include a certain color, I complete it and the next step comes to me while I beading.   I think this is when you consider yourself in the flow….  The beading goes quicker and with more surety….

I have also found that my head is full of ideas for new projects…..

Now my next challenge is going home and working some bead time into the schedule enough to stay in the groove….

I have been beading daily since 10/27….. I know that won’t happen when I get back home.  I went home over the weekend to attend the Georgia Southern game and the yard is covered in pine straw…. So there is probably a couple of days of work to do outside, 10 days worth of laundry, and general housework to be done…. oh well….  At this time I am committing to beading on Wednesday, all day!  Maybe I’ll get out to the blog a little too…..

The blog certainly needs attention, I need to create my gallery….. and of course since I haven’t been blogging lately I have to figure it all out again…






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