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Well, I’ve turned off comments for a while.  I am getting several junk comments a day.

Obviously if you have a post called New Blog, they come after you for that.   Once I figure out how to update the tags I will probably try to turn comments back on.  But while they are just junk, they just give me bad energy.


02 2013

Links to information about Design for Beaders

Well I certainly don’t seem to get much blogging done do I.

Today I am giving a talk to the Coastal Bead Society.  Its is called “Designing with Components”.  I was inspired by the classes I took at the Southern Bead Retreat to create this talk.   I love the idea of designing with components, taking a piece of work that you have played with, perfected, and then using it to be a focal point in a piece of jewelry is cool.  Or possibly using the component with other components, exploring variations on the first component…..

I wanted to give the group a place to come click on links for the sources I used so I am going to list them here.   These are all great blogs, and articles to read about design in conjunction with beadwork.  There are many sites that have good information about design elements and design principles.   I will try to get a separate post about that done in a few days.. (I know, haven’t done that well with coming back in a timely manner….)


Marcia’website and blog

Link to Bead & Button Master Class (2nd one, not full)

Land of Odds Jewelry Design

Link to Diane Fitzgerald’s website and 6 Articles on design that she wrote for Bead and Button in 2009.


If I can figure out a way to condense the power point presentation into a word document I will post it on the blog, or possibly break it into parts.


Thanks for visiting!

Lets go play with some beads!



02 2013

I’m Back and in the Flow….

Well crossing off the last 3 months, and looking forward……

I have been fortunate to get my beading groove back!  I was able to attend the workshops at The Southern Bead Retreat at Calloway Gardens in October.  I spent 6 days beading with very talented beaders.    I was inspired by the beadwork on display each day.  The attendees showed up with lots of fabulous eye candy, which couldn’t do anything but make me want to go home and bead.

Today I am very grateful to my friends at Tybee Island that have dogs and cats that need babysitting!  I came home from the retreat with 3 finished projects and 3 still to be finished.  I had 5 days at home and I must admit that I barely got the laundry finished before I was packing again.. When I took up temporary residence at Tybee I took my beads and became single minded in my effort to finish the projects and I did!  Finishing the retreat projects allowed me to escape the dreaded energy drain of unfinished projects, and I am now plowing ahead on a project I started back in May.

I am currently working on a bead embroidered bag somewhat in the style of Sherry Serrifini.  I probably have about 3 fifths of it down now, and it is evolving quite nicely.   There is very little time spent wondering what to do next.   I identify a spot I want to include a certain color, I complete it and the next step comes to me while I beading.   I think this is when you consider yourself in the flow….  The beading goes quicker and with more surety….

I have also found that my head is full of ideas for new projects…..

Now my next challenge is going home and working some bead time into the schedule enough to stay in the groove….

I have been beading daily since 10/27….. I know that won’t happen when I get back home.  I went home over the weekend to attend the Georgia Southern game and the yard is covered in pine straw…. So there is probably a couple of days of work to do outside, 10 days worth of laundry, and general housework to be done…. oh well….  At this time I am committing to beading on Wednesday, all day!  Maybe I’ll get out to the blog a little too…..

The blog certainly needs attention, I need to create my gallery….. and of course since I haven’t been blogging lately I have to figure it all out again…







11 2012

My First Blog LInks


I love checking on  Robin Atkins blog, Bead Lust.  She has just started posting again after having some eye surgery.  I love Robin’s approach to beading and creativity.   If there is anyone I would model myself after, she would be it.   She is a very intuitive beader.  Her book,  One Bead at a Time, is one of my favorite bead books.  It is now out of print, :( and if you look on Amazon, you can see that booksellers that  have new copies of the book are selling it at a premium!  However Robin is offering a free download of the book on her website.  It is an easy read, and while giving easy instructions on bead embroidery, is very much a book about the creative process!    This is small book that can be read at one sitting, and just makes you want to go out and create something.

I also love Jan’s blog, Love.Make.Think!  Jan is a multifaceted artist that has found a wonderful niche in wet felting.  She creates beautiful pictures in felt.  Her ladies are awesome!  She posts pictures of her work in progress so you get an understanding of how her pieces come to be.   I “met” Jan in a strange way.  I was following @artistmakers on Twitter. His name is intriguing and he was one of the organizers of the riot cleanups.  I thought the people who came out and did cleanup after the riots to help the neighborhoods and shopping areas throughout England was one of those very positive outcomes from a troubling time.   He tweeted a picture of her work, and I started following her … on Twitter, on Facebook and on Instagram…. And her blog! She is originally from Essex in the UK…. My mother grew up in Lainden, Essex, and I have actually visited that county so I really like that connection.   I feel like I stalk this lady, but she is part of my internet life and I look forward to her posts….  I am trying to resist the lure of fiber.  I do some very basic knitting and have felted a hat, and a bag or two.  I am trying to just enjoy seeing what she is doing….  My partner, Lee wants to go to the Ford museum in Dearborn, MI, and Jan lives in Michigan so I am plotting …..

I met Law-momma briefly at a political event in April 2011.  I wanted to keep in touch with some of the participants of the event, so I followed people who were following the event on Twitter….  This blog is not a blog that I would normally follow… It is primarily about parenting and being a working Mom.  I am not a parent.  (Except for  the 4 legged kind,we have 4 dogs).   She has since gone through a divorce so the blog has evolved from talking about her experiences as a new mom, to coping with single parenting and now adding dating into the mix.  I enjoy reading her blog.   She is a good writer and keeps it incredibly frank and real.  So I put her on my Blogroll because she is one that I read regularly, miss when  she is on vacation, and is someone I consider an online friend.

Last but certainly not least is Perlina!  Jami Stone and Marianne Brown have opened a bead store in downtown Savannah, and I love following their updates as they continue to expand their inventory.   They have an incredibly small space, but beads are small and they have a lot in there.   I like to go in there a couple of times a month, they are always getting new seed beads, which makes me very happy!  They are incredibly talented women, both with art degrees, and they not only stock neat beads in their shop, but also make cool pendants and items to sell.  They have a lot of fun and create playful photos to show off their stock!



07 2012

Updating the blog

Blog update:

So the good news is I got 2 good days of beading in this week, bad news is I haven’t blogged…. Not what I planned…. I did spend time learning how to upload pictures to a gallery, only to find that the pictures I took long ago have disappeared into some backup that I can’t recover…. I downloaded some of my pics from Facebook only to discover that they don’t upload to the website as anything useful.
It’s all a learning process.  Now I have to take all new pictures…. I will be taking them with my iPhone.   So it will be interesting to see if I’m happy with the result.   I recently upgraded from a 3Gs to a 4S in hopes that the camera would take pictures that are good for the internet.   I set up my mini photo shoot area on a table in the studio that had become a clutter spot.  For the time being I think it will stay set up.

My intention is to set up the gallery so that you can see my work and then write a post about each piece, how they came to be….



07 2012

Bead Societies

Good Morning!

Well I figured out how to add links to the page!
I’ve added 3 of my favorites! In another post I will talk about why they got to be the first ones I linked to!
Yesterday I spent about 5 hours in the studio, but none of it was spent beading! It was all setting up the website! I feel much more confident that I understand it on a basic level, so I’m going to focus on small updates, posts and BEADING!

Today I get to go bead with a wonderful group of ladies. I know I’ll get at least 4 or 5 hours of good beading in as well as enjoying some great conversation and laughs! I am fortunate to have a bead society to participate in. They have a speaker every month during their regular meetings which run from September through May, and monthly beadins during the summer. They sponsor a retreat once a year and bring in nationally known teachers. This group formed in 2004 and has really grown. I could write a lot about the bead society and the start of beading in the Coastal Empire. But since I need to leave shortly, I’ll just promise that I will do a post on what bead societies mean to me soon.



07 2012

Setting up this site is going to take some time.

Well setting up a website is not easy!  Of course I am technically challenged as I haven’t kept up with techie world since leaving the corporate world.  In my initial set up, I am walking through the tutorials that Word Press provided.  Unfortunately, I probably want the super customized page, which I’m not willing to pay for.   The templates that are offered all seem to have limitations.   But I’m going to throw this together, and probably change it multiple times before I start letting people know that I have a blog.   Having looked at many blogs over the last year I have definite ideas about what I want on my blog and how it should be set up.   Some of these things are more difficult to set up than I expected but I will figure them out eventually.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for quite some time now.  But I keep coming up with road blocks… Not enough finished projects to show off, and talk about…. I’m not sure I’ll ever be at that stage; I won’t have a polished blog with lots of stuff to look at for a while, so it is time to jump in and try the blogging world.

My first decision was choosing a domain name.  Unfortunately I could not come up with a clever one word name or short phrase that captures my ideas about writing about beads and creativity.  I really wanted to remain anonymous but did not want to use a made up name.   I thought about using a profile name I used when internet dating, but nixed that as not really relevant to the subject I wanted to write about.  In the end I decided to use the name most of my friends know me by.

I’ve got a format, not completely happy with it, but it allowed me to insert my own picture.  Not really happy with the picture I posted, going to have to play with cropping, this particular format doesn’t give you an option of cropping it yourself.  (Or more likely, I haven’t figured it out yet)  I wanted to change the text color but my first try was awful so back to what they gave me in the package, I’ll adjust my header photo to take that into account.

Figured out how to post blogs that’s cool and easy.  Got the email signup block and the share button.  Have not figured out how to remove some of the things displayed….   Well it’s a learning project!



07 2012

First Blog

July 19, 2012

I am starting this blog to write about the daily challenges of being creative and working with beads.  I am such a procrastinator; I can always find things to do that keep me out of the studio. There is always h0usework and gardening, which always needs doing, and I never do enough of.   Believe me the house and yard do not get very much attention at all.  No I’m guilty of being addicted to my device…  My iPhone.   I spend hours looking at Facebook and Twitter, I just recently found Instagram and its awesome too!  Then there are the games…. I removed most of them, but did keep one Solitaire and Words with Friends.   I recently left my phone home while escorting my Dad to a doctor’s appointment, agony.  Those times are times when I feel it is OK to play games… Of course I could read a book on the iPhone too….  I’m also a fiction addict and probably read 8 to 10 books a month, now for me I read fiction really fast so we’re probably only talking 40 to 50 hours a month taken up by reading.    I also try to read one non-fiction book a month, not doing quite so well on that, will try to do better.   I don’t take guilt trips for the time I spend reading non-fiction, but I know I sometimes get carried away with the time spent on fiction.   Twice a week I head into the city to tend to my parents.    So I hope that I will be able to report improvement on the studio time soon….


7/19/1969 watched Apollo 11 take off on its historic trip to the moon.


07 2012